Thursday, April 17, 2008

Journalism 035

I saw the 35-member Tamagawa University Taiko Drumming Ensemble perform last week and it was amazing.

The word Taiko literally means “drum” in Japanese. Situated around these gigantuous drums, these miniature Bruce Lee’s pound their entire existence into these hides giving off a mountainous boom that echoed down the Kennedy Center.

While the ensemble was made up of girls and boys both, the girls did not drum, but rather danced what appeared to be a very traditional number, booked as invoking memories and feelings of Springtime (and yes, there was some rump-shaking, literally).

You can watch some of the video here.

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Regina said...

Japanese bunny might trump unicorn...

I saw the Boredoms a few weeks back. A totally non-traditional Japanese drum crew. Three full drum sets, cymbals crashing (and a lady even got to make some of the noise). What really put it over the top was the 7-armed guitar conglomerate wall, wailing like a feedback hungry Kali.

Ain't she pretty