Thursday, September 13, 2007

Personal 005

So, 45 years later, Jordy begins to update his blog again...This time writing from our nation's capital. That's right. I moved down here from the grand ole Beantown a couple of weeks ago and have since started writing as a correspondent for the New Hampshire Union Leader. And I started interning with the Washington bureau of the Los Angeles Times. I'm living two blocks from the zoo, which I think normally I have a disagreement with [animals being held in captivity and all] but here are its two redeeming points, 1. something like 90% of the animals there, were born there, so they would pretty much be screwed if they were let loose. 2. it's free. And I'm slowly discovering the city. Planning on going to a book reading/discussion tonight with Anita Thompson, Hunter S.'s wife. I was going to continue to write about all the things that I'm going to be doing, but then I remembered...I'm going to be updating this here blog with all of that, much more frequently. So, stay tuned.

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