Monday, January 29, 2007

Poetry 004

I finally got me understanding
A little bit of the math

Behind the operations round here…

Translate as:

I admitted to knowing nothing…

I said,

“Fill my Styrofoam cup
With your dreams of cities

Emasculated in the armpits of history,

And let the tides of the sea’s

Rise to reach our gas pumps

And envelope
That which was rightfully hers,

And watch the Cadillac’s submerge

And float like submarines

With a gangsta lean…”

Cuz I finally got me understanding

A little bit of me…

Translate as:

Scared of getting hurt

So I don’t commit

To nothing but the profession of my passion…

I said,
“Two plus two equals four
So what’s the three really for?

Except to better recognize

The divine at the core of all of our hardcore

And what’s more

Is that the streetlights

Never fail to illuminate

The inner street fights

The parts of us that we love to hate”

They said,
“If you love something give it away”

I said,

“But if it’s taken
Instead of given, then
It smirks of a whole new rhythm
Of a reason
To keep you living and believing

Until the day that it dawns on adequate hands,

Hands of those that truly understand

The beast beneath

The gimmicks of wordsmithery,

With piano keys pounding like it was a ceremony
A funeral tribune

Lost in the tune
Of rites of passage, which

Ain’t right

Til we say it’s so…"

I finally got me understanding
A little bit of the tracks we stand over…

Translate as:

But ain’t that the bitch of manifest destiny?

I said,
“Question all you want
But the marks

Will only leave you be

As a leaf on the tree of productivity, with

Cycles that repeat out of necessity
For more mulch for another seed

For another tree of creativity…

This ain’t an end, It’s a means

That’s finally got me understanding

A little bit of the in-betweens

Between the in-betweens…

Translate as:

I travel,
Because my shoes
Choose to carry me
And transcend me

Through the clarity

Past the muddy depths

Of what it means to not have any choice left.

---Jordy Yager, 2007

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