Monday, December 4, 2006

Poetry 002

Chestpounding (pt.1)

As I witness sunsets
Grant Jersey a power
Neither Edison nor Watt could have ever fathomed,
I'm visited by candlelit memories
Of solitary sparks,

Singular moments
Where the light of the heart
Was able to eclipse a mind
Accustomed to the dark,

And waves run
Their salt-scented fingernails
Across the backdrop of big-city
Nightlife blackboards...


Where today’s lessons
Tomorrow’s guesses for sea’s to
And the clouds chase the streams
Of our undying manifest dreams,


"Go west my son
And you will find the mothers
From which we’ve come,
You’ll find the one in the rest
And rest in the one,

And listen to the crazy one’s
For signs of things to come",

Because as an adolescent
Our lessons are filled with questions,
And now that time has unleashed its blessing,
We turn from searching to stressing,
Looking for the next dollar from the next man,
So eager to holler at him
We forget to listen...

Copyright 2006


Anonymous said...

and that's what's up. Sincerely. I know! I'M breaking my own rule...BUT....and this MEANS NOTHING!.....I'm feeling it. And That's What's Up.

Anonymous said...

I'm saying,"Our lessons are filled with questions and now that time has unleashed its blessing we turn from searching to stressing"....yo, killa, son. That' know what that is? Ham 'n' Grits.
On point.
the shit.
That's what's up.....I can't even.....on point son...poetry. that's what's up. I read it again and I say to myself, " That shit is fire, son!" "Time has unleashed its blessing!......i only wish i had put it down. and it jsut continues. FIRE. FIRE. FIRE.